Wish and a Prayer

childhood dreams
nonsensical thoughts
heaven bound
sail on a wish and a prayer
through uncharted hearts

©20222 July Day


Written for: Moonwashed Weekly Prompt–Nonsensical–11-29-2022

Image by dawnydawny from Pixabay

All Things Ossify

a cauldron of anger bubbles inside
day after day, she swallows it down
in the wreckage of her heart, all things ossify

she is more than just dissatisfied
it shows in her bitter, black frown
a cauldron of anger bubbles inside

once upon a time, she was a happy bride
now, there’s no love nor respect to be found
in the wreckage of her heart, all things ossify

gentle emotions wash out with the tide
on foamy waves of dirty, blighted brown
a cauldron of anger bubbles inside

she has nothing left save for stubborn pride
life has been such a colossal letdown
in the wreckage of her heart, all things ossify

‘tween what is and what should be lies a great divide
so what the hell, let’s send in the clowns—
a cauldron of anger bubbles inside
in the wreckage of her heart, all things ossify

©2022 July Day


Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

(Family issues will be an ongoing thing–for how long, I don’t know–so my posting and reading blogs here on WordPress will be sporadic. I hope for better times ahead.)


crow comes at night

one with the darkness

slips in the window

while she sleeps

burrows its sharp beak

into her seasoned flesh

and tears at

the most tender morsels...




savors the sour flavors

of being hurt

of being fooled

of being played


she learns not to sleep

stays ever vigilant

least crow

swallow everything

her pride

her independence

her reason

her life...

in the morning light

sometimes she wonders

if crow is real

is a force without

or instead

lives within

a black cancer

of bone and blood…

cawing chaos, while

beating sharp wings

within each breath

claws scraping

through fragile capillaries

frantic to escape

its self-made


©️2019 July Day

Free verse

Image by davidfoxx from Pixabay

The Unknown

Galaxies beguile and beckon,
Mouths of black holes yawn.
I face the unknown, bent of body, but bright of mind,
Not fearing the coming dawn

Of old age that comes
To all stars, planets, and man.
I face the unknown, time sifting through my fingers
Like grains of silvered sand.

©2017 July Day

Image by Florian Steinberger from Pixabay


Gilded clouds glide, passing me by.

Dream-ships sailing darkening sky,

Steering toward a distant place

Not found by maps, but by grace.

Do they hear my sorrowful sigh?

I watch their fleet, tears in my eyes—

Oh, how I wish that I could fly,

My lonely eagle soul, embrace.

Gilded clouds glide.

In their wispy hearts, I descry,

I’m not worthy of a Shanghai,

Not worthy to share their blest space.

Passing from sight, leaving no trace,

They whisper on the wind…goodbye.

Gilded clouds glide.

©️2022 July Day


Written for Moonwashed Weekly Challange–Gilded: https://amanpan.blog/2022/09/06/moonwashed-challenge-gilded-september-6-2022/

Image by Claudio Kirner from Pixabay


The city sleeps—


stars are born.


Love and stars,

die alone…


©️2022 July Day


Image my own watercolor painting.

My poem was inspired by David’s Septolet at The Skeptics Kaddish.

A Man Named Alan

There was a man named Alan

who walked away into the blue.

No goodbye, no see you later,

just gone, leaving no clue.

His friend didn’t know how to find him,

and worried if he was all right.

She didn’t expect him to stay forever,

but a small note would have been nice…

Simply saying: I am fine,

I just moved on…for it was time.

©️2022 July Day



In her life, she has crossed many rivers.
Some she swam with sure, steady strokes;
Some she walked over on burning bridges;
Some were so shallow, she easily waded.
But fording the last one, she almost drowned,
Failed to reach the other side.

The swift, black waters dragged her down,
Filled her lungs with life’s heartaches,
Then cast her battered body back to shore;
Left her choking, gasping, gagging,
Down but not defeated.
Never defeated.

Older and wiser, she bided her time,
Waited at the river for the dire wolves to come drink,
And built a raft from their strong bones,
Made a cape from their warm, gray fur,
Then floated across upon the cold choppy surface
And stepped off safe and warm on the other side.

She fashioned a home from the raft bones,
Made a bed from the sleek fur cape,
And she abided there in the high desert
Content and happy as she grew old
Until the time came for her to leave.
For there was one more river yet to cross.

©2019 July Day

free verse

Image by ralph_rybak from Pixabay

Mind Moonbeams

Southern night lies hot, humid, still—
silent but for a whippoorwill
that sings from the branch of an oak,
taking me back to my childhood,
growing up surrounded by woods.
Farther afield, I hear a croak;
see mind moonbeams bounce off a stream.
And I dream, oh, I dream…I dream!
Living in memories evoked.

©2022 July Day

Nove Otto

Image by Giovanni from Pixabay

Does She?

Does she ever see me…like I see her?
	a cool splash of creek water
	muggy summer days

Does she ever hear my voice…like I hear hers?
	rain on a tin can
	laughter under quilts

Does she ever think of me…like I think of her?
	high in the treetops
	dusty, dirty feet

Does she ever miss me…like I miss her?
	confidences broken
	more confidences kept

Does she ever remember me…like I remember her?
	blood that binds
	forever friends

Does she ever lie in bed at night,
	thinking of times past?
Does she ever whisper my name,
	and see my young, smiling face?
Does she ever yearn to take my hand
	and return to that kinder, gentler place?

©2022 July Day

free verse

Featured image my own rough pencil sketch

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