Hearts–three senryu

angry words shouted
hammers the heart like a fist
nails in animus

thin, icy strands loop
around and around a heart
cold barbed wire cuts deep

starving, hollow heart
fed on by gluttonous man
lies mute at death’s door

©2022 July Day


(The last senryu was inspired by a line from the Karen Slaughter book Pretty Girls that I recently read, and I quote: “Marriage—that’s what he called it. Though men like Paul do not marry women, they own them, they control them, they are voracious gluttons who devour every part of a woman, then clean their teeth with the bones.”)

Image by DrMedYourRasenn from Pixabay


a twice-broken heart
forms a roadmap of deep scars
etched with suspicion

©2022 July Day


Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

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