Short Hiatus

Due to some pressing family concerns, I’ll be absent from WordPress for a couple of weeks—give or take a little. I’ll read your posts if I can, but won’t be posting.

I’ll leave you with a recent watercolor painting…


soft muted colors
paints autumn’s subdued advance
summer sulks away

©2022 July Day

Image my own watercolor painting.


simple and serene

nature speaks in blue and green

calms naked spirit

©️2022 July Day


Image my own watercolor painting.

More Sunflowers

Look there...
Beside the stream
Lovely heads wave gaily
Sunflowers say, heat's on the way--

©2022 July Day

American cinquain

These two watercolor paintings I completed a while back are my last hurrah to sunflowers and summer for the year. I hope. 🙂 I’m more than ready for fall.

Sun Bounce

Sun Bounce
nodding evergreen
holds silent sentinel
over lake reflections

©️2022 July Day


Watercolor image my own.


The city sleeps—


stars are born.


Love and stars,

die alone…


©️2022 July Day


Image my own watercolor painting.

My poem was inspired by David’s Septolet at The Skeptics Kaddish.

Early Arrival

Old House in Late Winter

I took a picture of this old, abandoned house in late winter/early spring and (finally) gave a try painting it. I saw it on a road trip, situated between one small town and another, sitting a short distance back from the highway. I was surprised to see a small clump of daffodils in bloom, for it was too early for them. I guess they thought otherwise.

©2022 July Day

Image my own watercolor painting.

Does She?

Does she ever see me…like I see her?
	a cool splash of creek water
	muggy summer days

Does she ever hear my voice…like I hear hers?
	rain on a tin can
	laughter under quilts

Does she ever think of me…like I think of her?
	high in the treetops
	dusty, dirty feet

Does she ever miss me…like I miss her?
	confidences broken
	more confidences kept

Does she ever remember me…like I remember her?
	blood that binds
	forever friends

Does she ever lie in bed at night,
	thinking of times past?
Does she ever whisper my name,
	and see my young, smiling face?
Does she ever yearn to take my hand
	and return to that kinder, gentler place?

©2022 July Day

free verse

Featured image my own rough pencil sketch

Cypress Trees in Autumn

Rarely do I finish a painting in one sitting; most are spread out over the course of several days, especially when multiple layers of paint are involved. My process starts by doing a rough sketch of my reference photo on watercolor paper. I concentrate on the main structures, sketching few details.

Rough Sketch

This painting, I began by layering on a thin, pale wash using four colors (referring to my photo), using wet on wet.

Initial Wash

Then, I added in the cypress tree trunks, first using a pale purplish-blue color for the trees in the background. On the closer trees, I used a pale brown, then built up the color using a darker brown and green. After the paint dried, I added details using a brownish-black color.

Cypress Tree Trunks

Next, I added foliage to the trees.

First Layer of Foliage

After the first layer dried, I added more paint to deepen the color, and after it dried, added limbs and more detail to the trunks.

Yet Another Layer

Last, I added reflections in the water. To be honest, I wasn’t too pleased with this last step but figured I’d better leave well enough alone. As with some other things I won’t mention, the more you mess with a watercolor painting, the worse it gets.

Finished Painting

(All images used are my own.)

©2022 July Day

Fence Sitting

The western sky bleeds red—night creeps near
Smelling of copper cognac
Pernicious crows, on the fence repose
Vermilion backdropping feathered black

Strawberry moon rises, as does fear
Claws on the rotted wood clack
On the fence repose, pernicious crows
Judging how I showed my love to Jack

Their caws and cackles grate on my ears
But not so my lucky Jack
Pernicious crows, on the fence repose
Gutted Jack on the floor at my back

I consumed his heart, that much is clear
To the fiends outside this shack
On the fence repose, pernicious crows
Planning their eye-for-an-eye attack

From the tavern, they followed us here
Me and my sweet, drunken Jack
Pernicious crows, on the fence repose
Soon, they whisper, soon, Butcher—payback

'Tween Virgo and Hydra, Corvus sneers
Blighted laugh demoniac
On the fence repose, pernicious crows
That mean, meddlesome, murderous pack

Through a cloudy, blood-smeared glass I peer
They think me a maniac
Pernicious crows, on the fence repose
Watching…waiting for my mind to crack

©2022 July Day

ZaniLa Rhyme

Image my own–rough graphite sketch, using colored pencils in the sky.

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