Early Arrival

Old House in Late Winter

I took a picture of this old, abandoned house in late winter/early spring and (finally) gave a try painting it. I saw it on a road trip, situated between one small town and another, sitting a short distance back from the highway. I was surprised to see a small clump of daffodils in bloom, for it was too early for them. I guess they thought otherwise.

©2022 July Day

Image my own watercolor painting.

Author: Julydase

Writer, artist, newbie Tarot reader, thinker.

8 thoughts on “Early Arrival”

  1. Splendid. I’ve seen some homes like that in my travels on lonesome highways.
    Reminds me of an old home that was resently taken down. I think when the last resident – an elder Amish lady passed – the land was sold and the house and barn disapeared in days…
    Even in my neighborhood – the daffs in different paths of the sun, early spring, late spring, jonquils all different times blooming 🙂

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