Vivacious colors mingle, merge,
happy-dance upon blank canvas.
Yellow, red, and others converge
with joyous shouts of “Look at us!”
Shocked, the artist stares, most anxious,
as the sly, scheming colors beam,
escape the brush, paint their own dreams.

©2022 July Day
rhyme royal

Written for Moonwashed Weekly Challenge–Vivacious

Image by edith lüthi from Pixabay

Sun Bounce

Sun Bounce
nodding evergreen
holds silent sentinel
over lake reflections

©️2022 July Day


Watercolor image my own.

Boogeyman Dreams

A murder of crows takes flight,
Cawing their insanity into the abyss of the night.
They wake the monster of madness; it rears its bristly head.
“Be not afraid,” gods whisper as you lie in your panicked bed.
“For we are here, we are with you, we are the light.”
Just a child, alone, you tremble in fright,
Too little to ward off things only heard, not seen—
While under your bed, the boogeyman dreams.

©2017, 2022 July Day

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay


fluff of life burns away
scatters on the wind
ambition seeds new way

©2022 July Day


Written for Moonwashed Challenge–Ambitious:

Image by Ervin Gjata from Pixabay


The city sleeps—


stars are born.


Love and stars,

die alone…


©️2022 July Day


Image my own watercolor painting.

My poem was inspired by David’s Septolet at The Skeptics Kaddish.

Painting Dreams

each day is unique, dawns anew
a clean slate on which to paint dreams
using the ‘morn’s sparkling dew
each day is unique, dawns anew
with nature, our souls rendezvous
ride golden thermals of sunbeams
each day is unique, dawns anew
a clean slate on which to paint dreams

©2022 July Day


Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

A Man Named Alan

There was a man named Alan

who walked away into the blue.

No goodbye, no see you later,

just gone, leaving no clue.

His friend didn’t know how to find him,

and worried if he was all right.

She didn’t expect him to stay forever,

but a small note would have been nice…

Simply saying: I am fine,

I just moved on…for it was time.

©️2022 July Day


Dark woods, deep woods, deathly woods,

Through them I rush-race-run.

Moon glows, moon shows, moon knows,

Soon I will be done.

Bog sucks, bog slurps, bog swallows,

Stealing the boots from my feet.

Briars snatch, briars catch, briars latch,

Determined we shall meet.

Water utters, water mutters, water blubbers,

Through rimed wetness, I sloggishly go.

Rocks thrash, rocks slash, rocks gash,

Riving cracks into my soul.

Solid dirt, cold dirt, stinging dirt,

Toes digging in, I stagger up a knoll.

Trees shadow, trees shelter, trees shield—

Or so I have been told.

Wolves prowl, wolves howl, wolves growl,

Form a menacing circle round me.

Darkling eyes, devil eyes, demon eyes,

But only one will claim me.

Teeth show, teeth smile, teeth sink

Dagger fangs above my breast.

My master’s kiss, my lover’s kiss, my mate's kiss

Weeps river-red upon my chest.

Dark woods, deep woods, deathly woods,

Through them I rush-race-run.

Moon glows, moon shows, moon knows,

My life has just begun.

©2017 July Day

Image via iStock


placid sea
breathless wonder

©2022 July Day


Written for: Moonwashed Weekly Challenge–Breathless

Image by ELG21 from Pixabay



In her life, she has crossed many rivers.
Some she swam with sure, steady strokes;
Some she walked over on burning bridges;
Some were so shallow, she easily waded.
But fording the last one, she almost drowned,
Failed to reach the other side.

The swift, black waters dragged her down,
Filled her lungs with life’s heartaches,
Then cast her battered body back to shore;
Left her choking, gasping, gagging,
Down but not defeated.
Never defeated.

Older and wiser, she bided her time,
Waited at the river for the dire wolves to come drink,
And built a raft from their strong bones,
Made a cape from their warm, gray fur,
Then floated across upon the cold choppy surface
And stepped off safe and warm on the other side.

She fashioned a home from the raft bones,
Made a bed from the sleek fur cape,
And she abided there in the high desert
Content and happy as she grew old
Until the time came for her to leave.
For there was one more river yet to cross.

©2019 July Day

free verse

Image by ralph_rybak from Pixabay

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