First Date

glowing fireflies emerge from twilight woods

male conga line searching for pingback mates

morse-code signals flash, reaching sisterhood

in grasses and bushes, who calmly wait

for their anxious, amorous, flushing dates

a beguiling bride blinks back a bright “yes”

her selected lover granted ingress

©2022 July Day

rhyme royal

Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

Author: Julydase

Writer, artist, newbie Tarot reader, thinker.

8 thoughts on “First Date”

  1. In my parts there are three or four different kinds of ‘blinkers’… one likes to mimic the others so they can ‘steal’ the mates!!! They are lovely to watch. My back yard gets filled, from the grass to way up in the trees!

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