Black Holes

waltzing the curve of an event horizon
iniquitous black hole yawns beneath her feet
mirthless mouth smiling, a cauldron of deceit
she remembers another, her shining sun
from eons ago, when they were wild and young
wandering hands, whiskey kisses so sweet
a rumpled bed, hearts on fire, rinse and repeat
then came a day there was only her—a one

she spun into a galaxy of blue eyes
thought this wonderous place was where she should be
failing to see the black veiled by sapphire blue
he took her so high, into God’s golden sky
then dropped her into the universe’s scree
abandoning her where only black holes grew

©2022 July Day

Italian Sonnet

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Author: Julydase

Writer, artist, newbie Tarot reader, thinker.

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