she is obsolete—
a needless, dusty fossil
boxed in the attic

©2022 July Day


Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Author: Julydase

Writer, artist, newbie Tarot reader, thinker.

8 thoughts on “Obsolete”

    1. Thank you, Alan. ❤️
      I don’t recall you posting haikus or tankas…always longer pieces. Have I missed them? On the other hand, if you’re keeping them to yourself, think about sharing. I’m sure I and others would enjoy them.

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      1. I’ve have actually posted about 10 Haikus and two Tankas.
        I will give you the titles of some of them and you can check them out on my site 💕
        Haikus –
        The shooting gallery.
        Fame. 3 Haikus.
        I’m also going to post a set of 4 Haikus very shortly.

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      2. I enjoyed rereading these poems. I saw that one or the other of my past personas had commented on each, and though I tried to leave a comment this time as well, I couldn’t. I think after a certain length of time, the ability to comment closes.
        Alan, when I first read these poems, I had no idea what a tanka or haiku was; all I knew was that I liked them. And still do. ☺️💕

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  1. Thanks, July.
    I realized that you had read, liked
    and commented on my Haikus/Tankas, but didn’t want to say so on your new site. ❤️

    As I mentioned, I will be posting
    a set of 4 Haikus soon, all related
    to each other.

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    1. I don’t think the vast majority of my old followers will make any connection if they stumble across my blog, mainly because one has to know a writer’s style well to know one is reading the same person but under a different name. But just the same, I thank you for your thoughtfulness. 💕
      I’m looking forward to reading your haikus.

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